The Archetype of UFO – Initiation Ceremonies

    According to ancient Egyptian sources, the UFO is a psychic phenomenon of transformation that always intensifies at the end of one and the beginning of the next moon (it lasts 2,152 years). The UFO is a sign of the collective transformation of the psyche. The period of "Pisces" is now ending and the period or age of "Aquarius" is beginning. Moreover, the psychic phenomenon of the UFO is "fostered" by the current state of technological advancement, by an interest in technology itself and by the psychological state of a materially focused civilization. If modern man encounters something that is technical, he has no problem accepting it. People are therefore more attracted to technological miracles than others that are instead based on faith.  Over the recent decades of the 20th and 21st centuries, mankind has made such an amazing leap in the area of technology that even a "reasonable" person will allow for the possibility of overcoming gravity, of the noiseless propulsion of spacecraft, of the most advanced medical technology and other by-products of "miracles," that one could encounter in the UFO phenomenon.  In the case of the UFO phenomenon, I am definitely inclined to Jung's view that it is irrelevant whether it is an inner psychological projection or a physical (material) object that is similarly a kind of projection. The most important question regarding the occurrence of the UFO phenomenon is the reason for its appearance in the human subconscious and more rarely in waking consciousness. The cause can be personal and will then play out on the canvas of internal processes, or it can be a collective cause in which the internal processes together can evoke phenomena of a collective projection to the "material world."  Unprepared individuals are mostly "affected" by these processes. These people are rationalists tending not to believe in illogical circumstances. And it is these people with their cold judgment and critical reason that are drastically alerted by the unconscious to the inner process that in their ignorance and reliance on rational judgment they condescendingly overlook. The unconscious shows to the world scrutinized by the consciousness the need to change the system of values and the need to turn one's attention inwards where an explanation to the entire UFO matter is found. The unconscious first reveals the naked essence of the present-day reality of an individual's thinking and will try to persuade the individual to accept this reality, which are his "animal reactions" to encountering a higher consciousness. This acceptance of a humiliating reality is the first step toward facilitating spiritual development and toward enlightenment. It is the bottom from which a person can finally rebound and ascend above the dismal level of everyday life. The acceptance of reality is in fact a descent to the underworld since the visionary loses his long and persistently built moral self-awareness and must ultimately realize his own shortcomings and dependencies. It is only then that he ceases to "preach" to others and begins to get to know himself. Just as a house of cards falls apart, the rosy aura of illusions and the mirror of delusions breaks into a thousand sad shards that will have to be understood on the way back up. It is an incredibly difficult journey, but you have the best, kindest and smartest friend within. He will patiently assist you via the unconscious, and after each fall will help you get up and once again steadily walk toward knowledge.

    I found in the work of American psychologist J.W. Perry a description of the process of the alien phenomenon – a process which he wisely called UFO – Initiation Ceremonies. I feel that the name of the process, UFO – Initiation Ceremonies fully corresponds to my experiences, and thus a new archetype was born. All that remains now is to give the archetype its content. Based on my own experiences, I have created the entire scheme for UFO – Initiation Ceremonies, for merely breaking down the individual phases according to J. W. Perry seems insufficient to me and, in some cases, ignores important particulars of the process. The crucial introduction itself to this complicated process is not given here and the most important component is also missing: the conclusion and the culmination of the entire process leading to an understanding of the transpersonal self.

    The purpose of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies process is the assimilation of the lower self. This is the assimilation of that part of the human self that only deals with physical and emotional matters.  In completing the UFO – Initiation Ceremony, a person is led by his own spiritual essence to understanding his transpersonal self.  It should be emphasized here that a "mere" understanding of the transpersonal self is the prelude to the greatest step one can take – toward permanent living by the understood principle.

    At this point it is important to note: If you are surrounded by a lower consciousness, it is better not to surrender your individual consciousness. If you are surrounded by a higher consciousness, it is better for you to surrender your individual consciousness. This rule applies to both the waking consciousness and to the subconscious for the entire process of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies, and not only for this process. If you observe most people and some nations, you will notice the reversal of surrendering one's own individual consciousness, which gives space to the depraved dictatorial and totalitarian regimes of this world (and not just state regimes, but also even social or family).

The overall scheme for the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype

  1. Encountering unknown or mysterious objects, environment, robots, alien plants or alien creatures.
  2. Attack of the dreamer from fear of the unknown or attack of alien forms (of an environment, objects, plants, creatures or aliens themselves. Distrust in an environment, objects and relations – all of this comes from a feeling of inferiority. In the later phases of the process the dreamer appears as a witness of the attacks. Deviation from the original path or forced levitation might rarely occur.
  3. Hiding, once again from the dreamer's fear.
  4. Feelings of overpowering or invincible strength and power.
  5. Desire for the truth.
  6. A plea for help in a desire to put everything back on track. After not finding help and after a sense of hopelessness, a descent to one's inner self and a search for inner strength to overcome the difficulties.
  7. Encounters with aliens. Later, in a voluntary encounter, discussions on spiritual matters, ecology and the role of aliens on the planet Earth.
  8. Finding inner strength to overcome an alien power. This begins with the sense of one's own superiority in which the dreamer lets the initiation process continue. There often appears here an apotheosis syndrome in which pride sends the dreamer in subsequent experiences back to the start of the entire process. The discovery of supernatural abilities (especially knowledge of future events) certainly belongs here and humility and forgiveness also have an important place here. Both help man reach a higher consciousness.
  9. Escape.
  10. Forced detainment or abduction (even in the absence of an encounter with aliens). in a later period of the development of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies process, the "abductions" are voluntary. A medical procedure (operation) appears if there is a need to facilitate things.
  1. Attempt at assimilation of the dreamer and even of other people around the dreamer on Earth.
  2. Discovery of alien deception. Or the assumption of their belligerent act.
  3. A fight, and in the event that an open fight is not possible, then sabotage and identifying the opponent's weaknesses. After winning the fight the previous phase once again appears since there was no inner or subconscious understanding of the initiation ceremony. After losing, one's own demise occurs represented by loss of consciousness and not by death as in the case of the Hero archetype. In fighting from our own fear we maim and even kill, though we are rarely wounded ourselves. It is very important in this phase following the victory or defeat to cast away the apotheosis "of the chosen people"! Moreover, humility needed for further development comes after the defeat.
  4. Return to life in a different environment, in different conditions, with a different consciousness.
  5. Indifference – Attentiveness – Inner Witness. The ability to see intention in attentiveness without a physical, emotional and intellectual involvement in the events represents a partial assimilation of the dreamer's lower consciousness. There is then a change and the higher consciousness (spiritual) prevails over the physical and emotional.
  6. Surrendering
  7. Assimilation (e.g. hieros gamos) begins with the dreamer's unconditional subordination.
  8. Return home – discovery of the transpersonal self, purification of the mind (emptying).

A very important symbol of the UFO – initiation ceremonies is that of the mandala!


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