The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the ideal as a concept of something perfect maintains in a person the enthusiasm that, without proof of an actual value of the ideal, motivates the dreamer to carry out this ideal; while ordinary people without spiritual ambitions believe that wealth, fame or a beloved person is the ideal, a person progressing towards spiritual values finds his ideal in the figures of saints, in deities or in a single God, by which he places his objective in supramundane levels and experiences*73.
  • after experiencing a dream death, three possible ideal states can be revealed within: the ideal state of being, ideal society and ideal state*59 (see the next three points and the Hero archetype).
  • ideal state of being: most common among introvertive people and people already satiated with earthly temptations; this is not necessarily the highest achievable state, but the highest state that is achievable from the current spiritual level; experiencing the ideal state of being gives the dreamer the chance, at least for a while, to see the biblical paradise.
  • ideal society in which there is no hatred or anger and there is only loving harmony of all beings among people; this is most frequent among young people who focus on mutual relations and the search for love.
  • ideal state: in the current world of violence and evil the idea of a just state establishment and administration is difficult to achieve, but such an ideal lays out the moral path to values of an ideal state.