The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • once incest*61 appears in dreams, I recommend immediately reading the Anima – Animus and Coniunctio archetypes; then the dreamer is prepared for many unexpected twists of his own development and, above all, understands that this is not his perversion but an inevitable psychological process accompanying spiritual development.
  • dream incest has the same meaning in the dreams of women and men since it unifies antitheses of male and female emotional components (emotional animus in connection with the emotional anima); it would be extremely foolish to confuse the experience of the emotional level with events on the biological level of the waking consciousness.
  • the very important process of self-improvement or of the spiritual path must inevitably encounter incest in dreams, since without unified antitheses we cannot achieve the realization*68 of divine states.
  • in the beginning of the long process (can take several years) the emotional animus walks hand in hand with the emotional anima, though in this way the necessary incest cannot be achieved, which is why the future incestuous pair must be placed in opposition (usually the sister against the brother), so that it can then lead to rapprochement (this part of the process is described in the Anima – Animus archetype) and later to incest itself (the culmination of this process is described in the Coniunctio archetype).