The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the gauge of a person's detachment from the world and one of the most important traits on the path to realization*68; the appearance of such a trait in dreams is the confirmation of positive spiritual habits in waking consciousness.
  • indifferent observation of a normal discussion: very positive since the dreamer's interest is going beyond the material world and a far richer internal world is opening to him.
  • the ultimate defense against earthly life; indifference enables us to recognize previously unseen things and relations; indifference can reveal in any gesture, in any movement, sexuality and lust, hate, envy and stupidity, enthusiasm and disappointment, aggression, resignation, desire for love and tenderness.
  • the discovery of indifference provides the dreamer with an excellent tool for understanding the Anima – Animus archetype, since it helps the dreamer to break free from the clutches of instincts and lust so that then, without affection and judgment, he can recognize the true meaning of the divisive elements of a person's consciousness.
  • it is good for a person's successful development if he is indifferent to instinctual symbols, images of violence and sex; with such an attitude he is firmly anchored to the emotional and later even spiritual level of experience.
  • negative development and the later fall of a person to the instinctual experience occurs if he is indifferent to symbols of the emotional level and of unification.