The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • watch: see Clock, watch.
  • knife: see Knife.
  • flashlight: see Flashlight.
  • carefully hidden desires and egotistical wishes are hidden in the pockets and folds, whereas the inner pockets provide interesting revelations about the owner's personality and sometimes even a vision of future events (see Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • whatever the dreamer carries or puts in them is what he want to own (even if subconsciously); whatever the dreamer takes out of his pocket is what he wants to "gratify" others with.
  • someone else's hand in the dreamer's pocket: someone will try to exploit the dreamer.
  • looking through others' pockets: egotism and an unwillingness to surrender objects and relationships of the material world (even in the event that the dreamer searches a thief and finds his own things in the thief's pockets).
  • coins in a pocket: positive for the future since the round shape of coins symbolizes the dreamer's desire for completeness; at the start of the self-improvement process the dreamer puts coins into his pockets, but in the later phases of spiritual development he almost always takes coins out of his pocket and gives them away.