The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • head of kale: symbolizes the vegetation process that is part of the unity (sphere) of nature; may also be a simplified view of the content of human thought that focuses only on the process of eating and reproducing.
  • planting, growing, harvesting: very positive for the future since subconscious desire is directed toward unity (the head of kale in the shape of a sphere).
  • in a higher sense it symbolizes the creation process when we make pieces (shredding, cutting, cooking, etc.) from the unity (the head of kale = sphere), just as during the act of creation shapes arose from the formless void*31; when we eat the created pieces, we try to understand in an allegory a certain part of the material world and the relations in it; if the kale tastes good, the acts are leading the dreamer to the material world; if the kale tastes bad then the dreamer is subconsciously being led through a reverse creation process to unity (involution to an implicate order*37).