The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • this does not only apply for men, but also profoundly affects women in the subconscious memory of the painful moment of cutting the umbilical cord as the culmination of the danger that threatens the life of newborns of both sexes; castration is therefore further interesting content of the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • castration dreams can appear when the dreamer subconsciously suspects a dangerously increasing sexual power that could culminate in an uncontrolled act (violent sexual act or even common homosexuality*48), then castration appears as one possible quick solution, though from a psychological perspective castration is not a solution, but just a distancing from the moment when a person will have to transform his sexual energy*27.
  • it can also be the result of the uncontrolled process of unification of the male and female components within the dreamer; then castration resolves the biased orientation on the male component of the soul.
  • in the dreams of older men: fear of impotence and the weakening of vitality.