The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • coffee bean: a clear sexual symbol.
  • grinding coffee: the dreamer longs to elevate a sexual relationship to an emotional bond.
  • usually expresses a worldly way of life and awakens increasingly fervent longings and desires and therefore many images linked to coffee are the start of erotically tinged dreams.
  • can deepen emotional bonds of a family nature; then the coffee relates to emotions.
  • the person we make coffee for is the one with whom we are trying to deepen an emotional or even romantic relationship.
  • the person who makes us coffee is the one who wants to deepen a relationship with us.
  • good tasting: a pleasant life and temporary satisfaction in the earthly or even emotional life.
  • bad, strange tasting: dissatisfaction in the worldly or emotional life; problems in relationships due to different conscious mindsets.