The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • manufacturing of ceramics: it firstly combines two basic elements (ceramic clay and water) that represent the earth and water, which itself symbolizes the start of work on one's self-improvement; the kneading of ceramic clay into the desired shape is then synonymous with the known path since we can knead with our eyes shut; once the third element – fire – enters into the manufacturing process in the form of the kiln or sun, we can consider the image to be a smooth transformation of the mind's content through the inner fire lit by concentration; the surface finishing then symbolizes patient work with one's individuality.
  • kneading ceramic clay: this image represents continuity and unboundedness, since the clay is without edges and breaks, though the same image can also mean a fall into the instinctual since its feel gives the dreamer the chance to recall the sensual pleasure of a romantic embrace and the desire to penetrate objects (sexual intercourse).
  • ceramic bowl: see Bowl.
  • ceramic cup: see Cup.
  • ceramic vessels: as hollow objects they symbolize a woman; the content, appearance or possible purity of the vessel specify sexual relations; glass, unlike an ordinary vessel, brings transparency to sexual relations; see Vessel.
  • filling a ceramic vessel with water: symbolizes the desire for a pure emotional relationship.
  • ceramic bottle or jug: unlike a glass bottle or jug, it does not allow for fast and easy examination of the quality of the emotional content; see Bottle.
  • buying (especially beautiful or artistic ceramics): expresses the longing to discover beautiful, though fragile emotional relationships within oneself.
  • giving: if we know the person we are giving the ceramics to then that is the person with whom the dreamer is trying to establish emotional relations; if the person is not known then the dreamer is trying to relinquish these relations for the good of others.
  • broken: a foretelling of the end of a relationship or end of hope that the dreamer had put into a relationship; it is much better for the dreamer's psyche if he isn't the cause of the broken ceramic objects since then he is not accused of ending the relationship.
  • systematically or emotionally distinct breaking of ceramic objects: expresses the dreamer's subconscious desire not to reveal one's emotional content; sometimes this image can be the result of frustration from unplanned ideals and lost faith.
  • several ceramic objects (e.g. a set or its part): mutual relationships that the unconscious considers to be fragile.
  • beautiful artistic ceramics: symbolizes the most beautiful human relations.