The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a window through which we view the world; a window through which later, during internalization, once suppressed images pass (repressed desires), images that we have abandoned in waking consciousness.
  • outdoor: clearly expresses that which is temporary, seasonal in the view of the world.
  • if the cinema also has a stage, then a play can take place on it as in a theater (see Theater).
  • seeing the emotions of other people in the cinema: an important breakthrough in life in which the true image of earthly life begins to become apparent to the dreamer.
  • seeing a film's action freely move from the action in the cinema to the action outside a cinema: another important and positive element in dream comprehension since the dreamer subconsciously recognizes the inevitability of the behavior of people living on autopilot (for more on conscious living and living on autopilot*44 see the Attentiveness archetype).
  • front rows in the cinema: draws the dreamer further into the cycle of earthly events, while the back rows allow the dreamer to have greater distance from the events that take place before him.
  • strange transformations can occur in a cinema since the inner world clashes here with the outer world (see Transformation).