The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a sexual symbol that depicts both sexes (a phallus or vagina depending on if the outer convex side or the hollow inside is emphasized).
  • putting something into a hat: intercourse.
  • repeatedly putting something into and taking it out of a hat: a clear allegory of intercourse.
  • a woman who puts on a man's hat: this woman desires sexual intercourse with the hat owner.
  • wearing a good-looking hat: the chance for ascent in waking consciousness.
  • seeing others wearing a hat: the chance for ascent in waking consciousness will concern others and will probably be at the dreamer's expense.
  • losing a hat: partner infidelity.
  • finding: making someone's acquaintance.
  • having a bad, dirty, torn hat on your head: you are making a fool of yourself.
  • using a hat to swat away insects: protecting the mind from intrusive thoughts.