The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • muddy, made of wood, a narrow space, into dark places: may represent the entrance to birth and prenatal experiences (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype).
  • wet, water, made of wood: joyfulness and emotional balance allows the dreamer to discover subconscious experiences through which he can reach experiences not only in his current life (experiences of past lives and future visions are described in the Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • of snow or ice, sliding down on snow: shows the dreamer's ability to transform an emotional experience (the water nature of the slide) into a spiritual experience and therefore it is very good for the dreamer when sliding is accompanied by joy and perfect control of the slide without dangerous falls.
  • children intensify the positive nature of the slide.
  • to pour something down the slide (gravel, ash, sand) and prevent sliding: symbolizes arrogant behavior.
  • sliding on sand: a very negative symbol since the dreamer is living with constantly changing instinctual traits.
  • a skidding vehicle, uncontrollable on water or snow: the dreamer is for the time being unable to continue at the current rate, since he has entered into a little known area of emotion (water) or to the spiritual realm (snow and ice).
  • a slip and uncontrollable fall: through a painful experience, the unconscious gets the dreamer to the subconscious in order to process suppressed emotional experiences.
  • melting: the transformation of a spiritual experience into an emotional one.
  • the emotional and spiritual level of slides is confirmed by frequent experiences of the active imagination*41 (usually flying), described in the Active Imagination archetype.