The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • curling up into a ball: a frequent perinatal memory and the subconscious desire for safety and warmth (as in the mother's womb) and therefore this image belongs to the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • of yarn, wool: see sphere shape.
  • a symbol of completeness, a symbol that lines the path to unification and therefore the ability to control the ball is the dreamer's ability to form his instincts and, after achieving perfection, to raise his experience to a higher level.
  • a simplified and more of a playful view of inner being, unity and perfection.
  • since a sphere (ball) unifies antitheses, sexual images can appear in scenes with a ball, and deeper experiences can be accompanied by hermaphroditic beings*19, which can be considered an important chance to understand in a single leap the entire unifying process not rationally, but intuitively through evolved feeling.
  • in the form of animals: instincts deform a possible effort at unifying antitheses.
  • throwing a ball: if this activity is taken as a game and not a fight, then it confirms important work on one's self-improvement; the positive meaning increases if children are involved in the game.
  • lopsided, deformed, deflated: a distorted view of the unification process.
  • inflating, repairing: the dreamer is returning the appropriate meaning to the unification process.
  • losing, destroying: a crisis of the self-improvement process, the loss of direction indicator and later even of the unification objective may not even be noticed in everyday life, but the dreamer will feel inadequacy and incompleteness within; sometimes the loss of a ball in a dream can cause a chain of negative events in the dreamer's daily life.
  • giving: unlike the loss of a ball, giving it is a very positive symbol since the dreamer includes other personifications of his own soul in the unification process and enables the unification process to be experienced from other angles.
  • bladder of a ball: the essence of fate or the process of unification; once the dreamer realizes that the essence of a ball is a hollow sphere, he can recognize other realities and other contents of his own psyche; a crisis occurs if the ball's bladder is damaged and the dreamer is unable to repair it.