The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • emotional animus (a description of the emotional animus is under the entry Boy – emotional animus).
  • an active element in dreams that helps cleans the mind of unnecessary content (e.g. of distressing images of the past or of various dependencies).
  • seeing a praying or meditating priest: this image urges the dreamer to direct his attention inward.
  • being in conflict with a priest: in order to understand the role of a priest (of emotional or spiritual animus) and his inner world, the unconscious must set the earthly view on one side and the spiritual view on the other; the bearer of the spiritual view does not always have to be a priest (the priest can hold the earthly view against the dreamer's spiritual view); in this image ignorance is always wiped away and the desire for knowledge can begin.
  • finding humility in the company of a priest: a very important moment in a person's life since after the long course of strengthening the ego he has recognized his own inane self-glorification.
  • in a confessional, confessing, being a confessor: see Confessional and see Confession.
  • being a priest: identifying with the emotional animus (very rarely with the spiritual animus, though other elements of the spiritual level must be present, then the priest would be a representative of the Wise Old Man archetype).
  • in higher phases of spiritual development the priest (or dreamer in the role of the priest) participates in wonderful mystical transformations.