The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the meaning oscillates between an instinctual (objects and impurities) and emotional symbol (wet carpet).
  • part of the unconscious that moral filth clings to.
  • wet carpet: emotional content of the mind; based on the objects or filth we can deem what we are still lacking for a purely emotional mind.
  • cleaning: emptying the mind.
  • a transforming carpet: change in mindset; we can deem from the results of the transformation whether the change was positive or negative.
  • everything under the carpet: indicates the subconscious.
  • lavish ornaments: can represent the very complex symbols of the mandala (see Mandala).
  • lumpy: this can be caused by the spiritual content of the consciousness or by a spiritual symbol.
  • flying carpet: a spiritual symbol that belongs to the Active Imagination archetype (the similarity with Arab tales is no coincidence); see Active Imagination archetype.