The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • this is not just a means of transportation; aristocratic nobility and the ability to control the instinctual and emotional component belong to it.
  • a person driving a carriage: see Coachman.
  • transformation of a tractor into a carriage: one's psyche has been elevated through cultivation to the possibility of controlling the instinctual and emotional component.
  • transformation of a house into a carriage: high capability of self-control transforms an ordinary structure into a triumphant ride.
  • royal: see Royal.
  • the path to dream carriages can be facilitated through the yoga exercise of "emptying the mind" before sleeping.
  • level and decoration: depends on the dreamer's ability to control the instinctual and emotional component of his own being; white horses pulling ceremonial royal carriages confirm the dreamer's highest capability.
  • voice coming from the carriage: a warning voice of the spiritual anima (female) or spiritual animus (male) shows the dreamer in a crisis the way back to the spiritual or at least to the emotional level.
  • women inside the carriage represent the spiritual anima; men the spiritual animus.
  • carriage ride in a dream: confirmation of the achieved spiritual level and entitles the dreamer to miracles of the active imagination*41 (see Active Imagination archetype) or to visit the dead in Hades.