The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • capon: see Capon.
  • masculinity and male intentions are linked to the rooster.
  • the lust and fate of the rooster can show the dreamer where desire can lead him.
  • seeing a rooster with hens: symbolizes the fight for the favor of women.
  • controlling a rooster (by will, in a harness, harnessed to a carriage etc.): you should make use of the unique chance to change your current life (life on autopilot*44), since the unconscious is using this image to say that conscious will exceeds the power of lust.
  • rooster meat (not meat from other poultry): a reward for the attempt to free oneself by controlling lust from the instinctual level of experience.
  • in connection with water (pouring water on it, bathing it etc.): the weakening of lust to the benefit of emotions.
  • attacking a predatory bird: lack of concentration, distractibility, excessive thoughts of an instinctual nature.
  • cock fight: an allegorical representation of the male desire to acquire a female mate; it's important not to let yourself be drawn into these fights and to behave indifferently since only in this way can we free ourselves from the enduring power of instincts over our beings.
  • sacrificing: in this very important image the dreamer is freed from lust and it is up to him how long this liberation and duration on the emotional or even spiritual level will last.
  • in connection with an egg (does not necessarily have to be an egg laid by a rooster): sudden and unexpected gain more in the emotional realm than on the level of material possessions.
  • unconventional coloring of rooster: transformation of symbol; the individual colors (see color) can tell us about the result of the important change.
  • hearing it crow: a call for mindfulness over one's thoughts, over feelings and over actions.