The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • of buildings of a certain character (apartments, schools, athletic, hotels, factories, hospitals, spas, castles, barracks etc.): see individual symbols.
  • in any case it is good if the complexes of buildings are beautiful so that we see architectural gems since these buildings symbolize our inner content (see Building).
  • destroying: if it is not linked to a certain place or person, it means the destruction of a substantial part of one's ego; if it is linked to a person or place, then it is a foretelling of the death of the owner or person living near the dream complex of buildings.
  • experiencing an inferiority complex or seeing it in others: imbalance (mostly between the male and female aspect) within; there is the need to absorb antithetical pressures – elevate the humbled, lower the elevated and proceed down the path to unifying the divided mind.