The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a very frequent dream symbol since everyone's life conflict finds a corresponding part in dreams; resolution of a conflict in the realm of dreams is directly proportional to growth: the greater the conflict, the greater the possibility of growth.
  • conflicts originate through different views of the world and this is the driving force of animalistic inclinations and the morality of all participants (personification) of the conflict.
  • conflicts are the main cause of a person's inner disharmony and in resolving them we gradually extricate ourselves from the discordant experience.
  • conflicts on a bench (seen or experienced): characterize traits that prevent us from undertaking a romantic relationship or hinders the deepening of a current relationship.
  • in a higher phase of spiritual development a conflict occurs between our psychological and physiological essence so that the Laws of Karma*34 are recognized; we then recognize in many conflictual states that moral failings inexorably disintegrate human society and find a conflict-free state within our own mind.