The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Kicking, Digging

  • a grave: we will soon set aside another burden and will again have an easier path through life.
  • digging into the ground: if the dreamer becomes aware of a repeated up and down movement, then it consists of the eternal principle of intercourse; otherwise such digging can bring very surprising images concealed from waking consciousness by the cloak of many dependencies.
  • digging ditches for flowing water or for water structures: a very important element of inner purification that should resemble the mythological cleaning of the Augean stables.
  • kicking a football: see Football.
  • kicking as the result of a certain dream situation: the subconscious is protecting a person by releasing excessive pressure that could damage his psyche; even though this takes place on a dream level, it consists of catharsis*69.
  • being kicked by a horse or cattle in women's dreams: the desire to be conquered by a passionate lover.
  • kicking feet of an infant and young children: subconscious memory of perinatal state in the mother's womb (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype).
  • a kick from a child to the head: a positive image of future unification; advice that the dreamer does not prefer and, if possible, ignores reason in favor of emotions and later intuition*64.
  • the dreamer kicking people: this very negative image tells the dreamer that he is inconsiderately forcing others to make concessions in the name of his brash desire to control.
  • people kicking the dreamer: an excellent opportunity to experience negative behavior in the feelings of the victim and thereby recognize the malign desire for power; the only way to get away from the negativity of these images and experiences is through complete compassion; only then can a person find sufficient indifference to acquire a clear understanding of the content of his own psyche.