The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a clear sexual symbol, often tinged with the phallic desire to penetrate; a dream encounter with a spear can therefore foment sexual fantasies in the dreamer.
  • throwing at inanimate objects or into the distance: if it sticks, success and profit in a future venture; if it doesn't stick, failure and loss.
  • throwing at people: sexuality and the attempt at sexual intercourse.
  • thrown at the dreamer: if the dreamer is hit, it means the subconscious desire to be raped or the desire to be dominated.
  • the dreamer gets speared in the belly: for women the subconscious desire to be conquered by a passionate lover; for men the subconscious desire for homosexual union.
  • death from a spear attack: can relate to past lives (karma*26 and the Law of Karma*34) so that the dreamer can process these traumatic experiences without hatred and resentment and thereby free himself from them (see Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • spear fight: see Fight, fighting, battlefield.
  • not bleeding or being hurt after a spear attack (experiencing or seeing): not even the harsh blows of fate can reduce the dreamer's egotism.
  • the dreamer is bleeding after a spear attack: the ego "flows out" with blood and if the dream life vanishes with the blood, it is a reduction of the ego to the smallest possible dimension; the egoless state is experienced as a preparation for a future mystical death*79.