The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • racing on a ship: dangerous prioritizing of the ego can lead to a crisis if the dreamer does not take radical steps to change his current behavior.
  • watching ship races: if the dreamer notices negative images around the race, this is a quite common disillusion with his own ego; otherwise the image is just as negative as when the dreamer races in the ship himself.
  • everything in a ship: the main content of waking consciousness.
  • a ship represents the path through life and therefore a ship stuck in the shallows symbolizes stagnation, while rocks in a river or cliffs by the sea stand for dangerous fateful moments that the dreamer will soon encounter.
  • ferry or rowboat: symbolizes death as Charon's ferry across the river Styx.
  • cargo ship: characterizes the situation in the emotional realm.
  • symbolizes fate: a peaceful ship journey is synonymous with gradual improvement that is fully under the dreamer's control; a ship in stormy waters symbolizes the possibility for rapid progress, but with increased speed comes the threat of the ship capsizing and the thwarting of life plans.
  • shipwreck: the end of one life period and the start of a new one on a completely new foundation; can be a foreshadowing of the death of the ego.
  • ship wreckage: symbolizes a once abandoned path through life; the content of the wreckage is the content of the dreamer's emotional life and the hope to find a spiritual life.
  • church nave: conscious thinking.
  • anchoring a ship, ship anchor: see Anchor, anchoring.
  • ship captain: symbolizes the controlling and regulative aspect of the conscious mind; see Captain.
  • spaceship: see Spaceship.
  • navigating: see Helmsman.