The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Outer space

  • a cosmic cloud of planetary dimensions: a frequent vision accompanying a person's spiritual development and is often complemented by an apocalyptic catastrophe with a devastating impact on all earthly life (for more on the three-day eclipse and the possibility of seeing into the future see the Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • cosmic emptiness: can be experiences in meditative states, the essence of the physical universe, a source of all life (possibly here of the dreamer) and a refuge of the dreamer's consciousness.
  • all instinctual and later even emotional and spiritual symbols dissolve in outer space as on the endless plane of conscious life.
  • with feelings of peace and tranquility, with visions of paradise full of delight and joy: the return of a person to the prenatal state and feelings in the mother's womb enables a person to forget danger, pain and suffering that every creature fully feels in being born (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype); we can realize in these experiences that even the birth of the universe's life was painful, but only so that all creatures and all life is able to someday recognize the opposite – bliss and pleasure; then after our own creation in the physical world we have the chance to taste everything in the "land of antitheses," and by unifying these antitheses we can return back to the womb of cosmic emptiness.