The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • content of a shopping basket: greed and sensuality.
  • with pastries, mushrooms, potatoes etc.: the object within the basket is crucial for interpreting the dream.
  • small baskets, especially if there are two: the shape indicates that this is a substitute female sexual symbol.
  • wire basket: symbolizes the dreamer's ability to shape his own feelings from life experiences of past emotional relationships.
  • beneath a balloon: see Balloon (airship).
  • wastebasket: a chance to throw out unwanted content of the mind; we are freeing ourselves of everything we put in the wastebasket.
  • throwing paper into a wastebasket: the dreamer is ridding himself of instinctual content of the mind.
  • picking out of a wastebasket: the dreamer does not make use of the chance to throw away unwanted content of the mind (the basket can only contain that which the dreamer has already once thrown away) and is once again burdened with everything that he picks out of the wastebasket.
  • someone throws the content, trash or the wastebasket itself at the dreamer: the reaction of the instinctual animus to the fact that the dreamer has freed himself of unnecessary and largely instinctual thoughts (content of the wastebasket).
  • a person destroying a wastebasket: personification of the instinctual animus that is blinded by the world, only knows how to take its temptations and does not intend to give up anything.
  • dog basket: represents partial protection from instincts that can attack a person in the personification of a dog.
  • badminton birdie: similar to cone; see Cone.