The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • considered in the unconscious to be inner states such as undistinguished completeness, unity and perfection.
  • of wire: symbolizes the dreamer's ability to shape his feelings to the image of unity.
  • snowball, snowball fights etc.: see Snow.
  • the material from which the sphere is made contributes to its meaning – see individual materials.
  • two spheres: especially if they are accompanied by a phallic shape: allegory of the males penis (phallus and testicles).
  • destroying an object in the shape of a sphere: a crisis of the self-improvement process, the loss of direction indicator and later even of the unification objective may not even be noticed in everyday life, but the dreamer will feel inadequacy and incompleteness within; sometimes the dream destruction of a similar object can cause a chain of negative events in the dreamer's daily life.
  • billiard balls. see Billiards.
  • glass: has the abilities to show not only inner realities arising from within, but also to show visions of the future or past (see Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • means of transportation in the shape of a sphere: a path to understanding the inner meaning of the sphere symbol.
  • glowing: the inner spiritual fire that was lit by the dreamer's meditative efforts; this fire usually appears within hollow objects or next to objects that symbolize the essence of life; see Self archetype.
  • hollow: one of the fundamental symbols in the process of understanding one's psyche; in penetrating a hollow sphere the dreamer recognizes other realities and other contents; in his first contact with the inside of a hollow sphere the dreamer perceives the limitations of inner spaces, succumbs to fear and panic so that he then rashly attacks everything unknown, everything he is unable to comprehend; only in a later phase of spiritual development within the sphere does he recognize the magical and unlimited dimension that fills the inner sphere, and recognizes his own inner state in it so as to fully understand the words of Hermes Trismegistus: "As within, so without."
  • of water: see Water.
  • Christmas ornament: an understanding of completeness and unity can lead the dreamer to the birth and understanding of the state of Christ; yet for this to happen there is also the need for the dreamer's antithetical part to also achieve a similar understanding (the anima with men and the animus with women) and for the entire dream image to relate to the dreamer's birthplace.
  • a spaceship in the form of a sphere: a symbol of completeness and unity of the world order is a culmination of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies; this image is usually accompanied by cube-shaped spaceships for the sake of illustrating and understanding continuity.
  • moving spheres through one's will: in addition to belonging to the Active Imagination archetype, this image tells the dreamer that he is capable of an inner understanding of completeness.