The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a symbol of family life and significant self-sacrifice for one's descendents, for one's family.
  • white: a positive view of family life.
  • black: a negative view of family life.
  • black-and-white: the dreamer sees positive and negative aspects of family life.
  • tying, binding: symbolizes the active attempt to have a marriage or partner relationship under control.
  • tied: a marriage under control.
  • a herd of female goats without a male goat: the dreamer's present life and views prevent the possibility of marrying.
  • a young goat or female goat in the clutches of a lion: part of the family happiness is falling victim to sexual passion.
  • a wolf copulating with a young goat: the demonstration of the wolf's violent side warns of similar traits (the desire to rape or the desire to be raped) in the dreamer's subconscious.
  • black goats on a path or railway track: for single people a warning against an intended marriage; for married people a warning that a negative aspect of marital life will soon appear.
  • putting goats into a herd of sheep: the symbol of family life and self-sacrifice for one's descendents, for one's family (goat) is replaced by collective thinking in favor of higher units (region, city, nation).
  • milking: sometimes the image expresses the ability to develop or reciprocate maternal feelings, but this is usually an allegory of masturbation.