The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • an allegory of the mind and therefore its contents (can even be beverage boxes) is the content of the dreamer's mind; since, however, the mind does not have boundaries, the box can also have abnormal dimensions.
  • all symbols that we put inside a box are those that we consciously want to process and understand.
  • all symbols that we take out of a box are those that we remove from our minds and refuse to deal with; it is obviously better if this symbol is internally understood before removal.
  • attacking the dreamer, threatening the dreamer: unprocessed and dangerous content of the mind threatens the dreamer's psychological balance; at this time it is very important to fully concentrate on assimilating, with a heightened positive awareness, the negative impulses arising from within.
  • inspecting a box not belonging to you: the dreamer is interested more in the minds of others than his own which is a very negative image awakening only negative traits (lust, envy, hatred, arrogance, pride, selfishness etc.).
  • everything that enters a box by itself represents the automatic process in which once unanswered questions arise from within into the conscious process of dreams; when the dreamer has more experience he is able to process this content.
  • control box: if the dreamer is able to control it, then this is a very positive image of conscious processing of the content of one's mind.
  • giving, returning, relinquishing, ridding yourself of it: the dreamer rids himself of the contents, which he subconsciously believes do not belong in his mind.
  • at a certain phase of spiritual development a box can take the form of Noah's Ark, which figuratively means that the dreamer consciously abandons the material sensual world to find a better quality world of emotional and spiritual experiences*73, and then all animals freed from the instinctual essence are a contribution to the future emotional paradise.
  • a human body, animals or human and animal body parts in the box: in this sense the box is like a coffin and therefore it is in the unconscious a positive symbol of the elimination of animal personifications or of the dreamer's useless (obsolete) personality (this always happens if the dreamer formulates his new or partially changed personality).