The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • providing milk and food: a symbol of the eternal archetype of a woman and family life.
  • with body parts of other animals: an altered view of a woman – mother and family life.
  • the calf is usually an attractive, cute thing that pulls the dreamer into the snares of family life.
  • Seacow: unlike an ordinary cow, which relates more to family life and conditions for life, the seacow (sirenia) is closer to emotions and also entails the principles of the fish symbol by which a Christian path can be shown.
  • hearing cowbells, a grazing herd of cows: happiness and a foretelling of a pleasant period.
  • transformation of a mare into a cow: in mastering the dynamic passion of the female component (the mare) the dangerous mare turns into an easily controlled cow (into family life).
  • accompanied by a cat and hen: the unconscious is very simply describing the three basic principles of instinctual anima in a single unit.
  • wandering, fleeing from the herd: a demonstration of the consequences of infidelity in the dreamer's vicinity (can also be the dreamer's).
  • transformation of a cow into a wild animal: the dreamer will witness how someone abandons family life and in subsequent relations reduces a family relationship to the animalistic discharge of lust.
  • milking a cow: a clear allegory of masturbation.
  • being pursued by a cow: someone will try to impose the advantage of marital life on you, even though you believe otherwise.
  • skinny: prepare yourself for scarcity and hardship.
  • dead: serious disruption of family relations, a foretelling of misfortune.
  • abnormally small cow, cow in ridiculous roles: degradation of family life in the unconscious (a typical result of life in celibacy).
  • a herd of grazing cows: happiness and a foretelling of a pleasant period.
  • another similar symbol: see Cattle.