The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • should lead the dreamer to an understanding of the principle of unity.
  • wandering in a circle: the dreamer is still unable to find the way out of a difficult situation, but the very essence of the circle indicates a potential future solution.
  • with a central point: female genitalia or female nature.
  • circumference of a circle: forms the protection of the inner from the outer.
  • circular shapes: often free the dreamer's mind from phallic symbols.
  • circular ground plan: represents unity in the sphere of material things; can elevate a symbol to the spiritual level and enable contact with personifications of the spiritual level.
  • expanding: the unconscious is showing the dreamer in this enlargement the subtlest signs so that he achieves knowledge.
  • circular buildings: symbolizes a developing and inwardly oriented mind (in contrast to a mind outwardly oriented to the world and to sensual experiences).
  • as a central symbol of a dream image or sign: the unconscious is directing the dreamer's attention to the principles of unity.
  • being inside a circle: this image posits the dreamer against everything outside the circle since the internal is an incomprehensible aspect for everything external; this image marks the beginning of a problematic coexistence with people due to differing inner convictions.
  • a square in a circle: inner being, concealing the possibility of unity and order precisely based on the alchemical quadrature of the circle*12 (see Alchemist archetype).
  • needs to move in a circle: a very negative image advising the dreamer to radically change his behavior, feelings and thinking.
  • moving in a circle voluntarily and by our own efforts: very positive since the dreamer is essentially drawn to and later even identifies with the symbol of the circle; yet this is not a time for rest since the dreamer should continue to try and subconsciously understand and then consciously cross the border of the phenomenal world.
  • turning in a circle: represents karma*26 and all factors maintaining a being in the cycle of reincarnation*75 (time, space, fate, antitheses); the path inward from the edge of the wheel, where dizziness often occurs due to the turning speed, brings an understanding of symbols of gradual unification; the "timeless" point is located in the very center, where all ideas collapse, the breaking point, from which everything can be viewed only in absolute unity without antitheses.
  • for a similar symbol see Wheel.