The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • crystallizes in cube-like configurations (octahedron or dodecahedron), and therefore clearly relates to the square or cube (see Square and see Cube).
  • ice crystals: belong to the spiritual level and merely by touching them elevate the dream experience*73 to the spiritual; if an object is covered in ice crystal it takes on a spiritual meaning.
  • crystal as a jewel or diamond: see Jewel or diamond.
  • the form of the purest crystal (especially in combination with light) achieves the very essence of the transpersonal self; it is a wonderful glimpse of a state without thoughts, with an absolutely pure mind, but beware: knowing the transpersonal self is not a person's final goal but only one of the steps on the spiritual path; another step is to learn to live it and then to always be it.
  • refraction of light in a crystal: see Refraction.
  • as a symbol of purity and clarity and can have the same meaning as a diamond, see Diamond.