The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Christian, Christianity

  • usually appears as the antithesis to a non-believer so that dreamer learns tolerance whether from the perspective of a Christian or non-believer.
  • being a Christian. Christianity needs to be internally felt, this is the only way to the spiritual ideals of Christianity.
  • Christian spiritual: partially relates to the Father archetype in which the dreamer seeks a new paternal authority; the father is then replaced by the generally acknowledged authority of the Christian spiritual world.
  • Christian music and liturgical song: a link between the emotional level, symbolized by music and song, and the spiritual level concealed in its content.
  • Christian holidays: symbolize the proper path toward spiritual ideals only if we feel and experience the essence of the holiday within, otherwise Christian holidays are merely ecclesiastical gilt.
  • Holy communion: see Holy communion.
  • the highest calling of Christians is to identify in the figure of Jesus with his suffering or resurrection, since these experiences*73 accompany the spiritual path of Christian mystics, including the final redemption – realization*68.