The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • doing wrong to others: the only thing positive about this dream is that the dreamer realizes the wrong committed against others, which can be considered a future change in egotistical behavior.
  • feeling wronged: truth might be heavily on the side of the wronged individual, but he will have to absorb the feeling of being wronged within, weigh it, understand it, and recognize the causes that clearly lie in the inexorable, but fair Law of Karma*34.
  • the unconscious often shows in various allegories everything that is wrong (e.g. by lightning or hail).
  • taking the wrong path: conflicts between personality (persona) and individuality (see archetypes of Persona and of Individuality).
  • boarding the wrong bus or train: symbolizes contradictory desires or the fact that life's circumstances are carrying the dreamer away against his will.