The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • everyone bears his cross deep within; everyone will have to someday, perhaps in a future life, pull it out and purify it (altruism*58, moral refinement, meditation and studying spiritual writings); everyone will someday have to, like Jesus Christ, leave the material world and material body behind and rise to the heights where man – the son of God – has always belonged.
  • linked with the sacrifice of Christ, which on the one hand it represents suffering in the world of people, but always means ascension to a higher spiritual level ("Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:27).
  • death on a cross, seeing people on a cross: see Crucifixion.
  • in a gem, jewelry featuring a cross: the fate of the dreamer's being is inextricably linked to the symbol of the cross.
  • intersection of the cross: unites antitheses, the upper three shoulders represent the trinity*74 (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the fourth, resting on the ground, refers to the connection with the earth element containing darkness and the evil of lower nature.
  • intersecting lines: conflict or dispute.
  • helps overcome the ego and can therefore be a powerful weapon in the "struggle" with the shadow and general evil.
  • if a person realizes in the symbol of the cross Christ's suffering, then this is a conscious symbol (for more on conscious and unconscious numinous symbols see the Numinosum archetype).
  • in the sky: represents the content of the mind and thus the fulfilling fate.
  • the transformation of a coin or something round or circular into a cross: in understanding the symbol of the circle the dreamer abandons the world for a spiritual life.
  • seeing or experiencing Christ's journey to the cross: such experiences accompany the spiritual path of Christian mystics, including the final redemption – realization*68.
  • the more serious a person takes his spiritual path, the more frequently crosses appear to him in dreams.
  • by a path, on a church, on a steeple: stop in your hectic life to ponder your life and plans.
  • fylfot: this is not as negative a symbol as it might seem, see Swastika.