The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • an effective component of the subconscious mind in processing instinctual content (food, especially meat) and the attempt to understand it; also of high importance regarding this symbol are foodstuffs and ingredients that the cook processes and transforms.
  • deals with the transformation and modification of usually instinctual symbols and therefore symbolizes the attempt to improve and make more enjoyable a person's experience, though only on the instinctual level; the symbol of the cook does not occur in dreams of an emotional and spiritual person.
  • the unconscious serves the amount that the dreamer is able to process; if the dreamer requires larger portions of food, it means that he wants to experience a sex life that is richer than that which he is currently experiencing.
  • arguing with a cook: unwillingness to accept the current state of sexually tinged relationships; an attempt to get something better, tastier and in a larger quantity.
  • seeking, hiring a cook or requesting his or her assistance: the dreamer subconsciously realizes the need to process a large amount of instinctual content of his own mind and therefore also seeks someone who can greatly help him.
  • helping, working with a cook: the dreamer's active attempt to process and understand instinctual content.
  • cooking in a pot: in doing so, the dreamer confirms the attempt to transform his sexual relations (the symbol is intensified if there is meat in the pot).
  • in processing meat and other products, the preparation or distribution of meat and meat products: the dreamer is submitting to the power of instincts and a sexual mindset prevails.