The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • verdant fields of corn: joy and spiritual hope.
  • seeking refuge in a field of growing or mature corn: the attempt to shield yourself with achieved results will lead to stagnation and therefore it is good to leave the refuge of the cornfield and set out toward the path even if it is very dangerous.
  • harvesting ripe corn: shows the successful completion of a certain stage of development and it is also time to assess acquired experiences; a long period now begins when everything harvested needs to be processed (can take many years), before the time for sowing.
  • cut cornfield: completed work.
  • ear of corn: see Ear of cereal.
  • in some dreams an individual corn plant can symbolize a person, in which the roots represent the essence of creation, the leaves represent the various limbs, the ear represents the head and the hair of the male flower represents the hair itself, with the individual ears representing the experiences embedded in a person's consciousness.
  • in rare instances corn can be a powerful being, transform into it, or be its symbol; in this case the North American Corn Mother goddess, or the Aztec corn deities Chicomecoatl (female aspect) and Centeotl (male aspect) or the Mayan corn god Ah Mun, from whose head an ear of corn grows, has emerged to us from the darkness of mythological antiquity.