The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Marten, mustelidae

  • symbolizes the dreamer's past instinctual relations that as nimble, almost elusive thoughts enter the consciousness (via dreams) and in the case of unsettled matters of past relationships gnaw at the dreamer; we can then recognize based on the pain how a painful memory related to this past relationship.
  • dancing: symbolizes the excess of the mind's instinctual content (mainly in relationship to the past) and apparent lack of emotions.
  • killing: an ineffective way of resolving past instinctual relationships since the only way to eradicate painful relationships from one's mind is through understanding, an awareness of the causes and forgiveness.
  • the assimilation needed with other animal symbols is not necessary to control this symbol; once a person definitively deals with his past relationships (the most obvious past relationship is almost always a divorce), then mustelidae representatives forever leave the dreamer's subconscious, and thus also his dreams.
  • the frequent appearance of mustelidae in dreams is a warning to the dreamer that he is preoccupied with his sexual relations and does not want to escape from the position of the one that was hurt and abandoned; we must free ourselves of all of these relations for the sake of smooth psychological development, wishing our past loves happiness and entering with a clear mind our new life.
  • the mouse is a level beneath and the monkey a level above the symbol of the mustelidae; anyone can recognize the direction his experience is taking based on these transformation symbols.