The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • both the giver and the recipient play an important role with this symbol, so if an unknown man presents a bouquet to his sister and their relationship develops romantically, it can temporarily degrade the emotional anima to the instinctual.
  • receiving a bouquet: a declaration of love.
  • giving a withering bouquet: emotional sincerity is uncontrollably disappearing from a relationship, replaced by mere habit.
  • giving a bouquet to a bride (the dreamer seeing it done or being the giver): one of the stages of the unification of antitheses is culminating in this image.
  • tying a bouquet: symbolizes the dreamer's attempt to extract one of the most beautiful of his own feelings and, according to the recipient of the bouquet, we recognize where this best feeling of ours is directed (husband, wife, lover – to the instinctual level; sister, brother, singer, teacher, – to the emotional level).
  • in the sky: a wonderful sign that shows where the dreamer is directing his love.
  • see Blossoming, Flower and see Bouquet.