The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Crushing, squeezing

  • crushed objects: imperfect elimination of a symbol in the unconscious; see Destruction or the individual objects.
  • being squeezed in a means of transportation, in an elevator, room or crowd: this image symbolizes the dreamer's materialistic focus and instinctual desires, since the emotional level is sparsely populated and the spiritual plane is almost untouched by human presence.
  • wrinkled faces of people or of other beings: the dreamer does not understand the traits or the level (instinctual, emotional or spiritual) that this person or being represents (the wrinkled faces of aliens are frequent images of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype).
  • vegetables, fruit, seeds or parts of plants: if the resulting product is oil, then this images has a deep mystical meaning in dream symbolism since it is a foreshadowing of spiritual anointing that appears in Christianity as well as in Judaism; in other cases it may consist of the subconscious elimination of sexual symbols.
  • squeezing part of the human body (seeing or experiencing): symbolizes the desire for profit at the expense of feeling.
  • someone squeezing the dreamer: if the dreamer knows this person, then the traits linked to this person are trying to transform the emotional part (the dream body) into material gain; if the dreamer does not know the person then the squeezing is the result of a prior activity (in this way the unconscious is warning the dreamer of remaining among the instinctual symbols and personifications).
  • crumpled nose: a negative image since intuition cannot be discovered through force; instinctual content often accompanies these images.
  • pressing or controlling: if the dreamer is able to easily control it, then this is a very positive image of the conscious processing of the content of his own mind.