The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • being magnetic and attracting metal objects: through the golden or silver sheen of the attracted objects the unconscious is advising the dreamer which component of his own soul should be strengthened; a silver sheen relates to the female component of the soul (anima), a golden sheen relates to the male component of the soul (animus).
  • being pulled toward a magnet (or seeing someone being pulled): the dreamer is completely preoccupied with the material world, his emotions lack strength and his soul the wings needed to escape his current joyless state.
  • seeing objects (even non-metal ones) drawn to a magnet: these symbols are leaving the dreamer's mind.
  • measuring magnetic variables: related to a mutual convergence.
  • movement of the Earth's magnetic field, a magnetic storm: a major life change awaits the dreamer.
  • a controlled magnetic field: the entrance of a higher consciousness into the dreamer's life, once the dreamer controls the magnetic field, he is an active agent of future changes in his own life.