The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • sexual dream images reveal the dreamer's hidden desires as well as his inner conflict on the instinctual level.
  • with children: this image yields the first sexual sensations to the child; therefore, particularly in the unconscious which clearly distinguishes between the instinctual and emotional level, even innocent cuddling inevitably turns onto erotic images and open sex, thereby definitively degrading cuddling to the instinctual level; cuddling in a family has the same instinctual dimension, even though in everyday life it possesses great significance for the proper formation of the child's feelings.
  • with animals (can turn into sexual images): a very dangerous game with instincts, whose nature is further specified by the animal species; this image in the unconscious undergoes an inevitable development in which the dreamer is first acquainted with instincts in the form of animals so as to then experience the negativity of instinctual experiences and ultimately reach in his experiences all-embracing love, where all boundaries between the levels, hostility and fear dissolve and the dreamer experiences the wonderful dimension of belonging with all beings (then he even cuddles with large wild beasts or other dangerous creatures and feels the same loyalty and love from their behavior).