The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • is an instinctual symbol and often conceals other, stronger instinctual symbols (mushrooms, wood), even though the dampness of moss attests to a certain presence of emotions.
  • moss-covered rock: represents a past negative act, an act that originated from uncontrolled instinctual desire; the appearance of such a symbol is a signal to the dreamer that he will now have to deal with the consequences and that it is only up to him whether he is able to understand karma*26 and to nullify the karmic consequences through proper actions.
  • on roofs: the penetration of instinctual content to the dreamer's mind.
  • moss-covered creatures: the result of the dreamer's long-term duration on the instinctual level of experience; emotional recovery of the mind is then symbolized by the journey of such a creature to water.