The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a symbol of a messenger.
  • relates to traveling, but also to the movement of ideas in the dreamer's mind; which is why communication skills and acumen belong to Mercury.
  • as a planetary accompaniment to the Alchemist archetype it can accompany dreams of this archetype (see Alchemist archetype).
  • may sometimes express the patron of business.
  • from an esoteric perspective (and in terms of the unconscious) it is the vital silver of alchemy, a symbol of transformation, that contains the spirit of life – it kills and revives.
  • mercury-contaminated area: foretells of a radical change in the dreamer's consciousness; such an image can be part of the Apocalypse archetype.
  • sulfur and mercury: antitheses of the male and female principle; mercury belongs to the female element in a person's consciousness and it is often linked to the Moon.