The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Young ones

  • represent the potential of an adult animal (see individual species of animal), though with a much greater chance to control and later assimilate with a higher mind the instincts or other meaning of the animal symbol.
  • often express the childishness of the dreamer and the inability to cope with pressures of adult life.
  • adult animal with young: an aspect of maternal feeling in the instinctual realm.
  • do not represent for the dreamer such a threat as the adults and therefore can be better controlled in e.g. a game and the dreamer can learn to understand them, which is the gradual assimilation of the instinctual part.
  • playing: unless the dreamer is involved in their game, this dream image allows the dreamer to more easily recognize his own instinctual dependencies in everyday life.
  • rearing of young: symbolizes work with one's instinctual nature.
  • marsupials in the mother's sac: in this image the dreamer recalled his own prenatal development and undisturbed stay in his mother's womb.
  • transformation of young into a child: confirmation of transformation of instinctual content into emotional.
  • only rarely can the young of some creature relate to a certain person and his fate.