The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • in a circular vessel, in bottles, spurting, dripping, stained with milk: in these images milk has a sexual meaning.
  • lotion: can mean ejaculation, otherwise see Cosmetics.
  • in certain phases of spiritual development it can compensate for a lack of feelings.
  • as a medicine: the maternal emotional aspect heals ill emotions.
  • squirting (especially if it stains clothing): a clear allegory of ejaculation.
  • pouring, processing: symbolizes the attempt to work with the maternal aspect of feelings.
  • drinking: the dreamer wants to fully absorb feelings arising from maternity which instinctual personifications may resent.
  • in addition to its main dream meaning, the animal from which the milk comes may be important: see individual animals (usually a cow, mare or goat).
  • spoiled: represents deformed maternal feelings.
  • sour, fermented products: a negative aspect of maternal feelings; sometimes can be an image directly accompanied by a negative personification of the maternal archetype (see Father – Mother archetype).
  • milking: sometimes the image expresses the ability to develop or reciprocate maternal feelings, but this is usually an allegory of masturbation.
  • breast milk: a symbol of sacrifice (see Father – Mother archetype).
  • as part of a ceremony: brings a blessing to all sprinkled with the milk.
  • milk for children, giving children milk: a very positive dream that supports the unification process of antithetical instinctual components of the anima – animus and also the self-improvement process; in certain phases of spiritual development the milk given to children can move the dreamer through an understanding of the maternal aspect all the way to an experience of the Divine Mother.
  • water changes into milk: symbolizes the inexhaustible source of Mother Earth that nourishes us.