The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Urine, urination, urinating

  • unless there is the actual physiological need, urinating symbolizes the recovery of feelings when deformed feelings, including sexuality, leave the body with urine.
  • urine leaving the body: can also represent sperm; urinating in a dream can also have a physiological basis, and in fact be that the dreamer is experiencing a seminal emission (involuntary ejaculation).
  • kidneys and urination: cleanse the emotional content of the dreamer’s mind and recently experienced feelings.
  • a child urinating or having wet himself: the root from which sexuality grows.
  • urine is the childish form of infantile sexuality; the first childish manifestation that later develops into sexuality; sometimes, especially with children, the urination of a loved one can be an expression of love.
  • wetting a bed: if children wet the bed, then the unconscious is trying to limit the power of developing sexuality through a childish form of sexuality that is easier to control; but if an adult wets the bed, then the dreamer must come to terms in his dream with unpleasant problems of deformed feelings.
  • drinking urine (seeing it drunk or drinking it yourself): points to the dreamer's ill feelings and the subconscious attempt at healing.
  • urine as a healing liquid: especially works on healing instinctual personifications.
  • animal urine: cleansing instincts.