The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • expresses the gradual formation of new views, the discovery of new ways and examining the particulars of learning processes.
  • it is very good for the dreamer if successful assembly follows a previous disassembly with the cleaning of the individual disassembled parts.
  • of a completely unsuitable object to the dreamer's visual field: the unconscious is showing which problems the dreamer should deal with in the upcoming period (see Mounted object).
  • a person assembling or disassembling: represents a trait that will help examine the essence of the understanding process or can relate to an actual person that helps us gain this understanding.
  • It is good for upcoming development if the assembly of an object improves the dreamer's observing skills or greatly increases the amount of information acquired.
  • assembling a locomotive: the dreamer is an active agent in building a strong will that will someday lead him through life.