The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • can symbolize ignorance, especially if it conceals everything, but its shape usually tells the dreamer the essence of his mental problem or block.
  • can sometimes be considered a mediator between the spiritual (above) and the instinctual (below), then it can help the instinctual content in emotional development (with rain) or even in spiritual development (with snow or lightning).
  • everything in the sky covered by clouds: symbolizes ideas or spiritual symbols that the dreamer is still unable to realize and understand.
  • buildings or other human works reaching up to the clouds: the notion of a center of being (see Treasure archetype).
  • rain cloud, cloudburst: see Rain.
  • storm clouds: see Storm and see Lightning.
  • moon behind the clouds: a temporarily hindered approach to the female component of the soul.
  • sun behind the clouds: a temporarily hindered approach to the male component of the soul.
  • smoke: see Smoke.
  • of ice crystals: see Ice.
  • a cosmic cloud of planetary dimensions: a frequent vision accompanying a person's spiritual development and is often complemented by an apocalyptic catastrophe with a devastating impact on all earthly life (for more on the three-day eclipse and the possibility of seeing into the future see the Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • clouds and wind: the spiritual essence of wind is able in one strong gust to remove clouds (ignorance) and to clean the consciousness of unnecessary ballast.
  • rapidly moving clouds that disappear: foretell serious events affecting all of society.
  • in certain phases of spiritual development it is a frequent, albeit inconspicuous symbol in the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype.