The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • an ordinary person's mind is engaged with the world, the mind of an emotional person deals with feelings and the mind of a spiritual person is anchored by concepts and experiences that are incomprehensible for an earthly person; in taking the path from the ordinary earthly person to the spiritual person we eliminate from the mind things and concepts related to the world to create the space for emotional and spiritual concepts that inevitably emerge in the emptied space; in this way the originally unconscious mind gradually becomes conscious and the conscious person finds motivation for acts that he previously had no awareness of and is horrified to realize that he was like a robot or person living on autopilot*44 who performed a programmed order through the Law of Karma*34.
  • fusion of minds (usually of son or daughter with mother): consciousness returns to the beginning of creation, to the original Goddess Mother – Daughter (Son); this spiritual process is described the Greek mythology in the Eleusinian Mysteries*15 by the birth of a child named Brimos, considered to be the unification of the virgin, mother and child in a being that dies, gives birth and returns to the earth (see Basic Perinatal Matrix).
  • a feeling of emptiness in the mind, emptying the mind: the matter of antitheses dissolves into the non-existence of everything, and thus into the non-existence of antitheses (such an experience appears in dreams as the result of emptying the mind in meditation).
  • controlling one's mind and the contents in it: the dominant role of the dreamer's will on the spiritual level is also the cause of controlled dreams (see Active Imagination archetype).
  • divine: the path to liberation based on the example of Enoch in the Bible who is an eternal example of absolute "Bhakti Yoga," since there did not remain in his mind anything that would keep him on the plane of a material visible world except for divine thoughts, and thus he was able to leave, without experiencing death, and even in his physical body definitively ascend to God (see Numinosum archetype).