The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the appearance of mystical teachings in dreams is an attempt by the unconscious to show the effort for self-improvement and the spiritual path in an unconventional approach; usually indications of the philosophy or the names of some of the prominent mystical works appear in dreams.
  • mysticism often cloaks its names in anagrams*9 or other hidden puzzles.
  • a mystical rose: see Rose.
  • a mystical society: such a symbol cannot appear randomly in dreams and therefore anyone who sees a mystical society in a dream should examine the causes of these images and try to find the shortcut that the unconscious is offering him on the path to knowledge.
  • mystical regeneration: expresses an intensification of the spirit in the body which brings joyfulness and optimism; these images often have a secret fairylike charge, and rituals and magical power play a significant role in it.
  • mystical skills: they are the result of total restraint ("dying to the world") or mental ascension toward the highest principles of being; unlike magical skills they work on a higher level and are great help on the spiritual journey.