The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Sacrificing, sacrifice, victim

  • sacrificing animals: symbolizes the sacrifice of the dreamer's animal instincts for the benefit of individuality; in doing so the unconscious eliminates the deadened animalistic tendencies or, with its ensuing transformation and reoccurrence of the same living creature, it can express the transformation of the symbol, but only if it occurs like this for higher ideals (emotional, religious or spiritual); see individual animals.
  • sacrificing a lamb or hare: linked with the ideals of Christianity in the symbol of Easter and rebirth; expresses the path of relinquishing the ego and self-sacrifice (Christ's sacrifice on the cross).
  • sacrificing a duck: if it is for the benefit of unification symbols (e.g. a child) or for the benefit of emotional symbols, then it is a significant act in which we are giving up the desire to become acquainted with someone.
  • sacrificing a rooster: in this very important image the dreamer is freed from lust and it is up to him how long this liberation and duration in the emotional or even spiritual level will last.
  • victim of crocodiles: a dream personification that the dreamer has already assimilated through a higher mind; the crocodile can then "clean up" the remnants of this assimilation (everything unneeded and abandoned) as part of the mind's hygiene and purity.
  • blood as part of a sacrifice (to the gods): the dreamer rids himself of bestiality, including motives for lower acts (animal blood) or part of his ego (own blood) in favor of higher ideals.
  • victim of cannibals: see Cannibalism.
  • victim of a murderer: see Murderer.
  • being the victim of aggression or seeing such a victim: see Aggression, aggressiveness, aggressor.
  • the dreamer or other person as a victim: see Dead people, corpse.
  • another person makes the supreme sacrifice to benefit the dreamer: a very positive dream since the traits linked with this person have helped the dreamer rid himself of certain dependencies or even ascend to a higher level of perception.
  • the dreamer makes the supreme sacrifice to the benefit of others: a turning point in life in which the ego dies and the dreamer has the chance to try out the wonderful ego-less state.
  • if in making a sacrifice the dreamer abandons his egotistical and selfish plans, then such a form of sacrifice brings an essential element of a spiritual transformation in which the longing for personal gratification fades away.
  • being the sacrifice of aliens: see Alien.
  • wine on the altar (as a sacrifice to the Gods): symbolizes surrender into God's hands (mystical death*79).
  • seeing the sacrifice of Christ: though it brings suffering in the world of people, it also means the ascension to the highest spiritual level.
  • from a mystical perspective a sacrifice (renouncing nice things or feelings) has a major impact on karma, and there is an unmistakable difference between a sacrifice for the benefit of people (brings karma in the form of earthly happiness) and a sacrifice for the benefit of God (brings karma in the forma of spiritual good).